I FEEL a funny wee spot at the bottom of my belly when I’m washing and ask Margaret to take a look. Aaaargh – a tiny wee tick. She gets the tick remover tool and wheechs the wee bastard away.

In the studio I add a little guitar to the demo of the new banjo song and do a rough mix. The guitar is very understated and sits quite nicely behind the banjo. I take it the mix to the house and dump it onto the Sonos server and also onto Dropbox.

Perhaps a little too much delay on the vocal and, as Margaret points out, there’s a few different vocal approaches all jammed together. Thats the beauty of recording even a rough demo. I can hear I need to ‘find my voice’. Think that’ll come now tho’.

I’ve finally had an email response form the visa lawyers in New York. They reckon I ned to have more USA trips with contracted shows throughout the planned visa period. That’s gonna be hard and I really need to chat through the itinerary to clarify where these shouldbe so I can focus my efforts. I call and leave a voicemail and fire off an email…an auto response says the lawyer’s out the office for the next two days. Fuck sake. This should all have been sorted weeks ago and we’re still fannying about trying to clear up exactly what needs done. 

I put together a privacy policy for my website as part of my GDPR data protection compliance plan. It’s a bit rough and will, I am sure, need to be fine tuned before 25 May…I also need to workout what we are  – and aren’t – allowed to do data-wise when folks buy stuff from the online store. Another can of worms.

Mikey’s staying over tonight and arrives just as dinner’s ready. He’s having a bit of problem with his personal budgeting so I sit down for a few hours after dinner and make a start on a plan to help him through.