AFTER breakfast Margaret comes across ot the studio to help me record a demo of my new Whisky Trail song.

I’ve decided to do a Facebook livestream of the whole process, so once we’ve got things set up we go live and stream the recording process, some guitar parts and a rough mix. There’s a wee bit interaction too and it’s surprisingly popular considering the stream lasts and hour and twenty minutes!

After helping set the levels and stuff in the studio Margaret spent another few hours on a local community project. We have lunch and she carries on while I split some wood and deal with some email stuff…and more GDPR compliance.

Betty and Joe pop round for a coffee i the sunshine then I call the lawyers in New York about my visa petition. They reckon I need some more contracts to fill in some gaps in my three year itinerary. That’s not going to be easy and we’re now up against things time-wise as the petition  needs to be lodged in a fortnight.

I start firing out emails and trying to pull some plans and ideas together. In  between times I get some chicken on the smoker – Mikey’s staying again tonight.

I do a little more work in the studio until Mikey arrives then go back to the house. We start having dinenr outside, but the midges are too much for Margaret so we take everything indoors.