The bluebells are out up the loch side…

AFTER breakfast we sit down with calendars and spreadsheets to try and work out when and where the extra USA tour dates need to be to have enough presence to warrant applying for a three-year O-1 visa.

Margaret’s right. It wasn’t anywhere near this tough last time. Ah well…

I get the audio files, metadata and artwork for the Whisky Trail single uploaded to my aggregator – I’m a few days short of their usual ‘minimum’ lead in but fingers crossed we’ll get it available at least via Spotify and Apple Music on release day (23 June).

In the office I make up some contracts for 2019 and 2020 USA shows and start firing them off…and if things go to plan I’ll also pull in a ‘booking; from national to play on their booth during the Winter NAMM show in California.

Hopefully I’ll get most, if not all this visa stuff, nailed this week…the GDPR also lands this week, so Im preparing my brain to be frazzled.

I take the bike out and accompany Margaret on her walk/run then grab a coffee and carry on in the office.

Suddenly it’s after 6pm and I need a walk. We’ve got Mikey staying again tonight, so I want to be back at a reasonable time for dinner. The bluebells are out..and so are the swans (see pix!).

We eat then Margaret and I finish off some work before we all have a much-needed early night.

…and so are the swans!