I take some snaps for my pal Duncan…

WE’RE all up early – Mikey to a job in Stirling and Margaret and I into Glasgow.

I have some gig promo work to do and need to sort out some song registrations with PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) and PRS (Performing Rights Society) so set up office in McDonalds for a few hours.

Then a trip to the south side to pick up some charcoal supplies, some other supplies and then the Hobbycraft store at The Fort to get a big piece of foam board….I’m taking some pix for my pal Duncan this evening and rather than use flash, it’ll be easier to use a reflector. I don’t have one, can’t afford to buy one – and there’s no time to order now anyway – so I’ll improvise with a sheet of white foam board. I can cover one side with tinfoil for extra reflectivity. Twelve bluddy quid a sheet! But I’m there anyway…so I bite the bullet.

An email from one of the bigger promoters asks if ‘d be available for a show on Saturday (short notice!) with US bluesman Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton at the CCA in Glasgow. Not a great fee, but still worth doing so we agree. Should be a fun night.

More shopping to be done then I pick up Margret and we head for home. I’m feeling a bit ropey – maybe one of the supermarket salads I had for lunch – but need to get the shopping away, make the reflector and put the camera batteries on to charge.

No time to feel sorry for myself tho’ – I need to spread the word  about Saturday’s show. I’m just finished when Duncan and Irene roll up.

Irene and Margaret stay home and Duncan and I head up the lochside to take some snaps.

They don’t hang out long, we say cheerio and I get cracking with tonight’s green curry with tofu. I’ve realised that although it’s good to freeze the tofu for some recipes – it changes the texture, if it;s going in a marinade for the airfryer, it’s best not to freeze as the spongier texture soaks up the marinade rather than coating the cubes which is preferable for airfrying. 

After we’ve eaten I hit the the studio and sort through the photos from earlier, select a few and fire ’em off to Duncan to see which, if any, he likes.