Looking forward to this show on Saturday – click the image for info…and I have a special ‘cheap guest list’ offering a healthy discount. Interested? Drop me an email!

I NEED to make up a set list for Saturday’s show at the CCA in Glasgow with Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton…I’ve been asked to play a more acoustic-y set.

In light of the request I’ll base the set around my wee Collings acoustic and banjo…and jut put in a couple of steel guitar/slide songs. 

After a wee rehearsal and taking some timings I settle on a set list, make up some graphics to promote the show then do a Facebook livestream from the garden to let folks know about the last-minute show and that we have a guest list offering (almost) half-price tickets.

I’m not long finished and the sun comes out, so after lunch I cut the grass and tidy up a little before getting back onto my main tasks of the day – trying to finalise some more USA bookings in 2019 and 2020 for my visa itinerary and more GDPR data protection stuff.

GDPR comes into force on Friday – that means this is really the last opportunity to email people on my lists that haven’t yet re-subscribed. The ‘old’ lists will, sadly, be deleted tomorrow (Thursday). I do the same for the local community trust mailing list.

There’s much more to the GDPR compliance than mail lists though..web-based contact forms and mail list sign-ups all need to meet the stringent new criteria, privacy policies developed and made available, online store customers’ data dealt with and various other protection and security measures.

You could argue I’m taking this all a bit too seriously but I think it;s crucial. The folks that are just sending out an email telling people they have a privacy policy on their website and ‘you can unsubscribe anytime’ if you don’t want to receive email etc are, in my opinion, misguided and missing the point that GDPR calls for implicit consent to hold any individual’s details – even just an email address. Sadly, and ridiculous as it seems, implied or assumed consent is not good enough.

I accompany Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ outing…she does well again, although her knee is still hurting.

Duncan has chosen some photos form yesterday – when we’re back there’s time to send him high resolution copies before we head to Betty and Joe’s. Their broadband has switched over today and I offered to get it all rolling…we’ve been invited for dinner too 🙂