An unusual perspective of Conic Hill as I walk ‘off piste’ to the village.

SUN’S shining again…after breakfast I take the banjo out to the garden and run through some songs for Saturday’s show at the CCA in Glasgow with Blind Boy Paxton.

Then I make up some burgers for the grill tonight…and, if there’s any left, lunch tomorrow. 

There’s some work to be done with Reunion Blues Gig Bags with whom I have an endorsement deal then it’s back onto the two main – and seemingly ongoing – tasks – GDPR data protection stuff and gathering more supporting documents and contracts to support my O-1 visa petition.

After lunch I spread some weedkiller then bring the laptop out the office and into the sunshine to get a little more work done before heading out on a walk to the village where I;m meeting Margaret.

I run a bit late, though – not only do I have to give some cows, calves and a coupla bulls a wider berth than usual, but I get lost in the gorse bushes along the way. We eventually meet up, though, and drive home.

We nip along to Betty and Joe’s – when I was setting up their new broadband service and router last night I forgot they have a wireless printer and it,  along with some of their TV-related stuff, needs to be connected to the wifi.

Back home I pull out the grill and we have dinner in the garden before retiring to the house to watch a film and chill for a while.