Paula, Kevin, Abbey, Melissa and Calum drop by for a visit…

UP early to get the beef short ribs out the fridge and the smoker fired up.

Getting the kamado ready is a lot faster and less hassle that the ‘old’ vertical smoker and soon the temperature is stable and the ribs are on. They’ll be nine or ten hours on there. Low’n’slow.

It’s a beautiful day outside and we have pals dropping by this afternoon, so I make an effort to clear up in the garden – the old planter I moved to make way for the BBQ/smoker shelter and a huge tarpaulin full of compost that had to be taken out before I could move it are still making things look a but messy…and some unused wood too.

I put the wood behind the office, drag the planter into a new position and shovel all the compost and stuff back in. It’s hard, hot and sweaty work!

There’s a couple fo burgers left form last night so I light the grill and we enjoy them in the garden then I get on with some USA booking/visa stuff until Paula, Kevin and the kids arrive. We chat for an hour or two in the sun then they head off and I get back to the office.

The ribs are doing OK on the smoker and on target for being ready 1/2-hour before Duncan and Irene get here…that gives them time to rest before dinner. The ribs, that is, not Duncan and Irene!

Margaret gets the rest of the food ready in the kitchen and we’re almost ready when our guests arrive.

We sit outside and enjoy a few drinks before the midges come out then go indoors to eat, drink and chat the night away.