The live debut of Whisky Trail from last night’s show at the CCA in Glasgow…

I GET all the gear from last night’s show put away before breakfast, then we sit in the garden and chill for a while.

We’re off to see Catriona and Freya this afternoon and I;ve a load of stuff to get out the way before we go. I’ve got some web work to do for a couple of my  musician web clients that involves a lot of uploading of big files…and I’d like to upload a wee video from last night’s show – I can do that much more easily form Catriona’s superfast broadband which allows uploads more than 20 times faster than here.

Meantime, there’s new Facebook page and profile banners and same for YouTube needing created and uploaded and some other bits and bobs.

We leave for Catriona’s mid-afternoon. There’s traffic and parking chaos all up the east side of Loch Lomond today…I tweet to the police, council and National Park to try and get something done before there’s a major accident.

When we get to Catriona’s she manages to get wee Freya off to sleep and goes to get some kip herself while Margaret watches the baby and I get busy uploading stuff and getting some website work done.

We’ve taken stuff to make dinner and Margaret’s got things underway when Catriona comes back downstairs all the better for getting some sleep. We chat while Catriona feeds Freya and I finish off my work.

A walk round the local loch and bird sanctuary in the last of the sunshine then we eat and hang out for a while before I drive home.