I’M getting anxious about my US O-1 visa application..the petition documents really need to be lodged asap.

I fire off the revised three-year itinerary and extra contracts/agreements to the lawyers in New York then get on with some other work.

There’s a new album to get in one of y web client’s shops…and looks like she wants me to make bother site’s GDPR-compliant.

Betty and Joe drop by for a coffee then I get back to work.

In between times I send the folks at Ear Trumpet Labs a note – keen to try and partner up with them after using that amazing microphone on Saturday night’s show.

The sun’s still shining when I grab a guitar and revisit some of the new song ideas that were bubbling around before I decided to concentrate on the Whisky Trail song. Of course, I’m having my doubts about these ideas now.

There’s a lot of traffic on the road up the east side of the loch so I decide on a different walk but find my way hampered by loads of illegally parked cars. An accident waiting to happen and galling that neither the police or council do anything about it which means it keeps happening.

I head off piste a little and enjoy walking in the sun and listening to a podcast. I like the ‘walk and learn’ routine. Kills two birds with one stone.

Back home I do some more work then open a beer and grill the pinchitos we’re having for dinner. Only my second time using the kamado as a grill and they’re under-done, so I end up having to put them back on the (thankfully still hot) grill for a little while. Although unimpressed with my fail, the pinchitos end up mighty fine!