THE first post-GDPR eNewsletter goes out first thing…check it out here if you’re not  subscriber. it’s been an interesting journey to see who is and isn’t interested. Certainly separates fans out from those that just pay lip-service which in turn lets us focus our efforts more effectively.

I also spread the eNewsletter links round Facebook groups and other social media then it’s time to go to the village where we both have appointments with the dental hygienist. Despite looking after my teeth pretty religiously, I always seem to get a bollocking for something. Now they want us to go (and therefore pay!) every three months and to use some kinda mouthwash. Mmmm…not convinced.

Next stop the post office to send off some merch orders then back home.

There’s some other bits and bobs needing planned and set up for next week then I’m back on USA visa stuff. After a week of trying, I finally manage to speak to the lawyer in New York who now, thank goodness, feels I have an itinerary and agreements to maximise my chances of being granted a visa.

A local pal has emailed to see if I can take some photos for a new bunkhouse – he needs online promo pix asap and we need them to launch phase two of the website. I head along and spend a few hours taking some internal and external shots.

Back home I go through the images in the studio and pick out a bunch to send off for approval.

It’s getting late, but we nip along to see Betty and Joe about some stuff we’ve been discussing and have a glass or two of red before makign our way home and chilling for a wee while before bed. That’s the plan, anyway…but the next thing we know it’s 3.30am. We’ve fallen asleep in front of the telly!