WE wake up late…more than likely something to do with our 3.30am bedtime.

There was meant to be thunderstorms, but the sun’s shining and I take the laptop outside and get some work done before Margaret bring out some breakfast.

After eating I enjoy another coffee in the sunshine while doing some online promo for my next show – a recording session with a live audience for Bluesmoose Radio in Groesbeek (Netherlands) on 27 June. Tickets (free!) and info here.

I spend a while in the studio messing with guitars…the first chance I;ve had to do so in ages.

By mid-afternoon it’s getting cloudy, but I could do with some fresh air.

There’s some things I forgot to get with the shopping on Thursday so I suggest we take a run to Loch Lomond Shores, have a walk and investigate the bike route to Luss and pick up the shopping.

We get a little walk before we hear thunder and the raindrops start to land. It doesn’t come to much but when we come out the supermarket it’s raining and we’re only just int he car when there’s a real downpour!

Back home I play some banjo and guitar then make up a couple of burgers. I’ve been doing a wee bit of research about grilling burgers on the kamado and came across some burger making advice. Aside from the meat combination which I’m keeping a secret, there’s a strong case for not overworking or over compressing the meat. That’ll be the burger press out the picture. We’ll reserve that for bulk production! And rather than chopped chives and seasonings to the burger mix as I normally would, the recommendation is to add nothing then put a little salt/pepper/garlic rub on the patties, then some steak seasoning.

I do all that, get the kamado up to temperature and put on the burgers…turning once. Apparently poking, pressing and flipping has a detrimental effect.

Sure enough, the burgers are amazing! We agree there could be a little more seasoning, but they are truly ‘gourmet burgers’. 

Next I wanna master pizza – the kamado alos functions as a high-end wood-fired pizza oven. We’ll see….