I GET some work done in the office then prepare a pork loin for the smoker for tomorrow’s visitors before Catriona, Freya and Matty roll up.

It’s a bit cloudy, but still nice outside, so we sit in the garden and chat for a few hours. Betty and Barbara pop round and join us for a while.

Later on Catriona, Matty and I take Freya a walk and get back home just as the rain starts.

Margaret makes the Catriona and Matty some mac’n’cheese then they head off sometime after 6pm.

Keen to try pizza in the kamado, I make up some pizza dough – there’s no yeast, though, so I find a ‘no yeast’ pizza dough recipe and knock some up.

Once the kamado’s ceramics come up to temperature I stick the first pizza on. It’s ready in about five minutes and, despite the improvised dough, is pretty good. We give the next one a n extra couple of minutes and it’s perfect,

Looking forward to trying again with ‘proper’ pizza dough…the kamado, after all, is the perfect wood-fired pizza oven!