SUN’S splitting the sky again and after my routine email check and blog posts I have breakfast then move the laptop out of the office and into the garden.

An email comes in to let me know the Dave Arcari feature in the summer edition of fRoots magazine is being held for the autumn issue. Actually, that’s no bad thing as there’s more to promote around then.

It’s followed by a Facebook post tagging me on the cover of a French music mag that comes out next week. Ying and yang.

I have some stuff to sort out with Reunion Blues who provide my guitar cases/bags then I get on with the website for the local bunkhouse/guest lodge.

I make good progress then take a break to cut the grass and do some strimming.

After lunch I do more website work, fire off some promos for the upcoming Whisky Trail single and set up some stuff for an interview/live session on Celtic Music Radio next week.

By late afternoon I’ve done all I can on the website – I now just need some copy and words – so I go a big long walk in the sunshine and stop by the lochside on the way home and do a couple of Facebook livestreams. One on my music page and one on my personal profile.

It’s after six when I get back and Betty and Joe have just dropped in so we sit int he sun and enjoy a drink and a blether.

It’s quite late when we finally embark on dinner after which Margaret has some stuff to do for the local community trust and I finish off a few odds and ends of work.