WE both hit Glasgow early and I set up office in McD’s and get a bunch of work done on the new bunkhouse website.

There’s also a story to publish on the G63.scot webzine and a bunch of other bits and bobs to clear before I park at Glasgow Green and take a walk to pick up mail from the mailbox.

I have a quick snack for lunch, grab some shopping hen pick up Margaret and we head for home.

The blueberry bushes are starting to fruit, so we brave the midges and get a net up over the bushes and the strawberry plants to protect them from the birds.

We’re having an early dinner as Margaret has a local community trust meeting…I’ll go along later in the meeting wearing my ‘communications’ hat.

First, though, I need to visit the bunkhouse, check they’re happy with the web stuff and make the site live. I’m halfway there when the rain starts…luckily I have a big umbrella – the thunderclaps gavce me early warning of what was to come!

Back home we have dinner and I get some work done until it’s time for me to join the meeting which is followed by glass or two of red.