Wood-fired pizza from the kamado – works great this time 🙂

AFTER a relaxed breakfast in the garden I get busy with artwork for some signage for the local bunkhouse.

In between times I put some water, olive oil, salt, sugar, strong white flour and yeast (I have some this week!) in the bread machine to make some pizza dough.

Betty and Joe drop by and we have a coffee in the garden.

When the first batch of pizza dough’s ready – it takes 90 minute in the bread machine as it goes through a repetitive mix, stand, knead, stand cycle – I tip it out, knock it back and stick it in a bowl cover it in cling put it in the fridge then start another batch in the bread machine. Catriona, Will and Freya are coming later and I don’t wanna be short of dough!

I get all the sign artwork done then do some reports for Music+ following yesterday’s session before our guests arrive.

We enjoy the sunshine in the garden which lasts beyond the thunderclaps over the hills. Eventually, though, the clouds come over and we retire indoors. 

I get the pizzas sorted and cook ’em one-by-one on the kamado which, other than a big fire flare-up at the start, goes well and the pizzas are a unanimous success.

Catriona , Will and Freya leave just after 9pm and we tidy up then veg in front of the telly for a while…