Vietnamese beef!

ONCE we clear the decks of all the routine stuff I head to the studio to try and get some footage together for a video to go with the Whisky Trail single that lands next week (21 June).

As usual, time is tight – and although I’d like to shoot some video where the cover artwork photo was taken – the Millarochy tree – there’s no point in going there today as it’ll be mobbed.

Instead, I set up a greenscreen shoot in the studio thinking I might go and grab some location footage later int eh week then comp it all together.

I’m adjusting lights when a lighting stand busts and one of the big lamps crashes to the floor. A bust bulb, bashed relflector and it seems some other damage is done as the light won;t even power on. Maybe a fuse too.

I don’t have time to fart around so pull in another light.

Filming yourself isn’t the easiest, but Margaret’s busy and could do without the stress of me behaving like a bear with a sore head.

I do a few takes, lip- and finger-syncing to the already recorded audio. Then I realise the camera settings were wrong and I have no audio to sync the video/s.

No time to do it all again and batteries are running down so I take a break then have a go at syncing the takes to the audio. The lack of any reference audio and my iffy miming make it almost impossible. Back to the drawing board.

Barbara and Thorsten are coming round later – I’ve got some stuff to discuss with Thorsten about his website and other bits and bobs – so I get the kamado going and grill the Vietnamese beef for an early-ish dinner.

We’re all tidied up when they arrive and we have a few hours’ chat over a beer or two….