We’re eaten alive by the midges while shooting some video for the Whisky Trail single

WHILE we’re having breakfast I utter the words Margaret dreads….we need to film some video today. Taking photos invokes a similar reaction.

Not that she’s against video and photography, she has to deal with my frustrations at being on the wrong side of the camera and my impatience as she’s not a camera operator or photographer.

To her credit, though, she always comes through when most folks would have told me to fuck off long ago.

Meantime, a message comes in from the Celtic Music Radio radio presenter whose show I’m appearing on later today. He’s having to cancel the show as he’s off today for personal reasons. He want to re-schedule for next week…or the week after…but we’re not around for any of them..so we aim to do something later in July.

Anyway, back to the video. As well as the technical limitations of my DIY gear, weather, changing light conditions and, if it’s an outdoor shoot, passers-by, all add to the challenges and my stress.

Today there’s an added hazard. Midges. Millions of them. Within seconds of unpacking the gear we’re being eaten alive, so any uncertainty about setting up or making things work brings heightened stress as our exposure is prolonged.

Margaret does a stellar job capturing some footage. Some of it’s pretty over-exposed, but that’s my fault as I set up the camera in too much of a hurry and, of course, I can;t be behind and in front of the camera at the same time.

Back home I start the footage ingesting to the computer in the studio and we have some lunch.

There’s some other work to be done before I return to the studio and start the edit.

Whisky Trail doesn’t drop ’til next Thursday (21 June) but I need to get the edit done and the video uploaded to various platforms ready to be ‘activated’ on release day. I’ve re-scheduled my trip to Glasgow to meet a pal from the ‘States for tomorrow. if I get the video edit finished I’ll be able to upload it quickly when I’m in town. A three-minute hi-def video will upload in less than five minutes over  fast connection..it’d likely take 24 hours from home and that’s not allowing for the usual crashes and drop-outs!

Margaret has a local community trust meeting at 6pm and leaves me in the studio. I;m still at it when she comes back after 8pm…so I take a break and make the dinner.

I finally finish the edit just before midnight. Been a bit of a slog and the midgie bites are driving us both nuts. but it’s done. The result isn’t gonna win any Oscars, but it’s OK for a quick’n’dirty DIY job…

Finished before midnight! All in a day’s work for today’s independent musician….