FIRST main job of the day is making up set lists for the forthcoming Netherlands and Germany shows.

I print them off then back up my daily blog copy and some photos and stuff from my laptop onto a hard drive and take it – and the set lists – to the studio.

I copy the files over to my main “all systems’ backup int he studio, then set it to copy over to an archive drive while I rehearse some of my (extensive) set list…much of which hasn;t been played for two or three months as I’ve been more focussed on writing new material

After lunch I make a batch of green curry paste. It’s a bit of a faff, but worth the effort…and I make enough to last us two or three months.

I’m keen to try and set up some kind of pre-order for the forthcoming single. Apple Music doesn’t appear to do pre-order for singles and to create a ‘pre-save’ on Spotify a URI (a kind of track reference number) is needed. I requested this yesterday from my aggregator and it comes in via email.

However, when I start investigating how to set the thing up, it appear it has to be done using third parties service providers all of whom charge for the privilege, There’s a few places offering it as part of a free account, but after signing up for a couple and finding it’s not free at all – or it just doesn’t work – I give up. No such thing as a free lunch.

I’ve been curious to see how the Sofar Sounds thing works…a bit like a global online house concert operation. The money’s not great but it does look like a potential way to reach a new crowd and fill in the odd night off. Anyway, having tentatively signed up, there’s an offer of a slot in August. I’ll reveal more when I can.

It’s pouring rain and and I;m glad of the smoker/BBQ shelter when I go outside to light the kamado for tonight’s pizzas.  Using half the dough compared to the amount I used on Sunday, the pizzas are much thinner…and yet another improvement. I should probably have let the kamado get to a higher temperature and stabilise for a while before cooking but it’s still progress….