I START ramping up the online promo for next Thursday’s (21 June) release of the Whisky Trail single.

There’s various banners and bits of online content to be created and shared. Then there’s the laborious task of identifying Spotify playlist creators.

In the studio I rehearse some more of my planned set for the forthcoming European dates.

After lunch I catch up on some emails in the office. There’s an interesting enquiry about a forthcoming documentary…if anything comes of it I’ll spill the beans.

I some more Spotify research. Identifying relevant playlist creators isn’t straightforward and I’m not quite sure how I pitch an unreleased song.

I take a break and hit the studio to finish rehearsing and mess around with the guitar for a while.

There’s still half an hour before Betty and Joe come for dinner so I do a couple of Facebook livestreams, finishing up just a few minutes before they arrive.

Margaret’s done all the cooking tonight and we have a grand evening of banter and laughs.