Class reunion. What a great afternoon 🙂 Old Primary 5 photo at bottom of page..who would you recognise?

WE have a bit of a lie in and a late breakfast before I spend some time in the studio running through material for the upcoming Germany and Netherlands dates.

I’ve put together a wee online/campaign to try and create a bit of a buzz round the release of Whisky Trail on Thursday and wanna try and push the Spotify pre-save.

Catriona and Will drop by with Freya and a nice surprise Fathers’ Day gift. We have a coffee and chat a while until they head off and we make or way into Glasgow for a (Hillhead) primary school class reunion.

Despite having met up with three or four folks recently I’m feeling strangely apprehensive. It’s been 43 years since most of us saw each other last. Unlike secondary school which I detested, I only have happy memories  from primary school.

We walk into the Ubiquitous Chip and spot organiser Burleigh., But who’s he with? I wrack my brains over the few seconds it takes to get across the bar but have to admit I don;t recognise the other guy. Then he says. “Ian Livingstone”…. Ahhh….yes…of course 🙂

The group builds steadily over the next hour or so and for the next we while fifteen of us reminisce, catch up and swap stories. It’s like only a month or two had passed since we last met!

Can;t help wondering if this combination of nostalgia and emotion will result in another song like Still Friends – inspired by, but not particularly about, two of my old pals from this class (Lucien and Ian) coming to a show a few years back. It’s on Spotify here – or find it on Apple Music/iTunes.

We have some stuff on in the village and I’d only intended hanging out an hour or two, but the beer’s flowing and it’s after 7pm when Margaret texts me to see if we should be heading up the road. She’s been in for a drink then nipped out for a walk up Byres Road leaving us all to our memories and chat.

Back home Margaret knocks up a quick dinner and I manage to soak up some of the alcohol before we go back out…all within walking distance now!

…primary 5. Can you tell which of this lot made the reunion?!?