EARLY start into Glasgow.

First stop McD’s for coffee and wifi – I need to get a Facebook video ad campaign running across a few different audiences before meeting a young Edinburgh singer-songwriter for a photo session in the west end.

He’s running late, then sod’s law, of course, says it’s raining and windy. We head into Botanic Gardens where I’m keen to use a bench covered in multi-coloured knitting as a prop to bring some colour into the shots on such a grey day.

The rain lessens a little, but the wind scuppers any hope of using a remote flash and reflectors. I fire off a bunch of shots then we head for cover courtesy of the Kibble Palace.

Probably against the rules to do ‘proper’ photoshoots int here, but we keep a low profile and adopt some guerrilla tactics to avoid the staff.

Once done, we try the multi-storey car park above Waitrose which offers some degree of shelter. but the shots there aren’t so good.

I’m helping the artist with some other stuff, but time’s tight as I have another meeting in town. We grab a quick coffee and a chat,I drop him int he city centre then go and park up for my meeting with folks from PRSfor Music in the Merchant City…my pal Stuart who looks after Scottish members has brought along the London-based head of writer relations for a chinwag.

We have a grand meeting then I have to shoot of to pick up Margaret  and get her back to the village for a doctor’s appointment…and pick up some shopping along the way.

When we get home I hit the studio to sift through this morning photos and send some low-resolution proofs off. Then it’s dinner, some more work and an early night…eye hospital in Glasgow first thing in the morning and a busy day thereafter.