AFTER breakfast I decide to tackle tthe mess on my desk in the office. 

It’s very unlike me to let stuff pile up – not least because I can’t stand mess and clutter. But visa stuff, GDPR is my excuse (again!).

A lot of the stuff is accounts-related and I get everything tided and sorted leaving just a few organised piles to go through the accounts’ spreadsheets.

There’s a bunch of photo gear to be sorted out for a wee job in Glasgow tomorrow (Monday).

I’d hoped the weather would clear up but it’s still drizzly when I decide to go a walk and drop some stuff off at a pal’s house a few villages away. Good to get some fresh air and exercise despite the damp.

It’s after 6pm when I get home and am just about to hit the studio to shoot some video when Martyn and Louise drop in. We chat for a good couple of hours then I go back to the studio and film some ‘straight to camera’ stuff in front of the green screen to use in Facebook ad campaign for the new single.

In turn, it’s 10pm when I fire up the kamado to grill the pinchitos we’re having for dinner. Think I’m getting the hang of grilling on the kamado 🙂

There’s a few things to get done after we eat, not l;east editing up the promo video. I wanna post it on Facebook and get some traction before turning it into and ad.