MARGARET drops me off at Anniesland just after 8am and I walk along to the eye hospital t Gartnavel.

The car has to be in the garage for a new radiator grille and some other work at 8.30am.

I’ve been off the steroids in my eyes since my last check-up three months ago as instructed by the consultant. Alas, the uveitis is in evidence, so it’s back oh the steroids and back to the drawing board.

JonZip is meeting me in town later and taking us home as the car has to be in the for two days, so I walk into town through the west end and Kelvingrove Park.

After collecting mail from the mailbox I pick up some stuff at Chung Ying, meet John and we hit Costco for a snack then go to pick up Margaret.

The garage has called her to say the painter is off so they can;t finish the job and we can take the car away today! That’s twice they’ve screwed up and we’ve had a major reshuffle of time, work and plans…I don’t wanna be angry with them tho’, as they are very accommodating and helpful when we need work done or have an emergency.

John takes us to the garage where we drop Margaret who;s going to get some other stuff done on the way home now she has the car.

John and I head home and get busy in the studio recording one of John;s new songs.

We stop for dinner..then Margaret  goes out to a local community trust meeting and John and I go back into the studio before joining everyone along the road for a glass of wine after their meeting has ended.