SINGLE release day…but we’re off into Glasgow early.

After I drop Margaret off I set up office in McDs with plenty coffee and power through all the Whisky Trail release-related promo…social media, landing pages and a load of other stuff.

There’s a few other things including the local community trust broadband project I;m driving, some Music+ mentoring sessions to be set up and a few web things to sort out for my pal Rab.

Three hours later I pack up and make my way to the bank via the Botanic Gardens where I stop to do a couple of Facebook livestreams to promote the new release. After the bank I pick up a freshly prepared Japanese sesame chicken salad from Waitrose – and my free coffee – which I take back to the car for lunch. The salad is amazing!

I have a wee mini-cocert for some school kids then we pick up some shopping and Margaret goes for a haircut. Meantime, a warning light on the car dash means I have to take the car to the garage…we’re up north all day tomorrow, then driving to the continent on Monday for a bunch of shows in  Germany and the Netherlands. Can’t risk a breakdown!

The car gets a check up and is deemed fit for our upcoming trips so I pick up Margaret and we make for home.

As we come into the village I realise the light is perfect to take some photos I promised our pal Thorsten,,,so we drop the car, I grab a camera and we go along to take some snaps and enjoy a drink in the sun.

It’s after 8pm when we get home and I’m making pizza to night. I get the kamado lit and up to temperature and the resulting pizzas are my best yet. A triumph, I think!

There’s some food to prepare for tomorrow night…it’ll be getting on a  bit when we get home from my meetings up north so I want ot avoid any unnecessary faffing about.

I have some more work to do  then sit with a glass of red in front of the telly before bed. Actually, I spend more time acknowledging the amazing widespread response to the new single….restores my faith, so it does 🙂