Video and streaming links for Whisky Trail…watch above!

WE have breakfast then John and I hit the studio.

There’s a fair bit of programming and stuff to do before he heads off at lunchtime so we get stuck in. This new track is gonna be killer 🙂

My Whisky Trail single is out tomorrow, so there’s lots of prep to do. I also need to finbalise the photos form Monday’s photoshoot and prepare some gear for a wee school concert in Glasgow tomorrow.

It’s a bit of a scrabble getting through everything before I have to go to a fibre broadband group meeting in Stirling…I’m putting together a bid to try and get better and wider broadband for all areas of our community up the east side of L:och Lomond.

The meeting drags on a bit and it;s after 10pm when I get home. Luckily Margaret has dinner underway then there’s a few more things to do int he office before I can call it a day.