Banner art to promote next week’s shows across social media etc….

HEAPS of stuff to get through today…so when Margaret goes off to get her feet done in the village I hit the office.

I knock up some social media banners for the upcoming Germany and Netherlands dates, post them around and tag all the relevant venues and promoters.

When Margaret comes back we make a 30-second video promo for a festival slot I’m playing in September that, I think, they’re gonna announce next week.

In the studio I sort through the new exterior photos I took for the local guest lodge the other day and send them, along with hi-res versions of all the other photos I’ve done for them, to Thorsten.

The day seems to have flown past and when I go to get the tofu from the fridge I find there isn’t any. Aaaargh….panic…last minute menu change.

I find some Italian sausage in the freezer and rustle up a suborbital while Margaret’s along at Betty and Joe’s.

It’s after 9pm when we eat and then collapse in front of the telly for a quiet night.