Tour manager does some last-minute prep in the garden…

SUN’S shining again and we have breakfast outside.

We’re not long done when Catriona and Freya arrive. I’ve a few things to finish in then office then I join them – and Margaret.

I bring my guitars from the studio and re-string them while we chat over a coffee then Catriona and i take Freya for a wee walk, getting an ice cream on the way.

Catriona and Freya are not long away when my pal Rab calls for a chat, then I deal with some emails and sort some press cuttings…I spotted one in the Stirling Observer about the new single and there’s a feature in a French magazine I’d like a copy of.

I’ve a biog to write for the Edinburgh singer/songwriter I took photos for last week. There’s no rush, but I want it done and ready to send him along with high resolution versions of the photos he’s chosen as soon as he pays my invoice.

We’re away early tomorrow, so while Margaret’s sorting out merch I get the guitars and other gear packed. We’re off to Betty and Joe’s with some other local pals for dinner tonight, so we need to be organised!

Catriona and I take Freya to see the boats