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The food places might all be shut, but we enjoy the sunset before returning to our cabin.

THERE’S a fair bit of last minute packing to be done then the puzzle of trying to fit everything into the car.

I decide to take the GoPro kit to make a wee video blog of the trip but after charging all the batteries and stuff I find the gimbal is goosed. Bummer. Ah well, I’ll maybe try using my iPhone instead.

As well as all the gear and merchandise we have our personal overnight bag and a coolbox that we can plug in in the car as well as in hotel rooms etc. Margaret made up some sandwiches for the trip with remnants from the fridge and there.s a few beers and stuff in there too.

We hit the road just a few minutes after our planned 10am departure and stop off in Glasgow for some fuel.

I discover a tick inside my right arm and sod’s law says Margaret didn’t put the tick removing tolls in the wash bag….didn’t expect to find ant ticks in Netherlands or Germany. This wee blighter, though, musta been lurking.

We stop in Hexham to pick up some supplies for the 15-hour boat trip from North Shields to Amsterdam as well as some travel sickness tablets. We’ve been on some rough crossings before so better safe than sorry!

The guy at the pharmacy counter looks at me like I’ve dropped from Mars when I ask for a tick remover tho’…

We try a Boots and the same thing happens.They suggest the local vet until I point out the tick is on me, not (debatable!) an animal!

We’re starting to run short of time so we decide to leave it until we get to North Shields where, thankfully, a Pets at Home has a remover tool…really for dogs and cats, but we got one before and it works OK.

In the check in queue Margaret gets rid of the tick and soon we’re on board and in our tiny cabin wondering which of us is gonna be trying to clamber to the top bunk.

We have a beer and do a wee Facebook Livestream update before our 4G signal dies then go to explore.

We have a wander around the boat and have a beer on the top deck before going back too the cabin so Margaret can watch Andy Murray courtesy of a €22 WiFi voucher.

I fall asleep until Margaret wakes me…I’ve been asleep for about four hours. We go in search of a snack but find everything shut…they’re meant to be open ‘til 10.30pm and it’s only 10.10pm. Then we realise the boat’s on Dutch time, so it’s actually 11.10pm.

Back in the cabin it’s supermarket snacks to the rescue. Margaret picked up a tortilla and I grabbed some hummus and whole grain flatbreads. Of course we have some beer and a bottle of red too. Phew!

We watch a couple of episodes of Goliath on Amazon Prime thanks to the remaining time on Margaret’s Wi-fi voucher…then I get sent to the top bunk….

Hmmmm…who’s gonna have to climb up here?


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