Nice hotel in Apeldoorn for our night off….

I CLAMBER down from the top bunk and go off in the search for coffee.

We have croissants and stuff in our food bag so have breakfast in the cabin and I get on with some work before we make our way to the car deck and disembark just after 10am.

It’s a couple of hours drive to Apeldoorn where Margaret’s booked a hotel for our night off. We check in, but can’t get the room key ‘til after 2pm so we go for a walk and stop for a beer and a sandwich.

We go in search of Apeldoorn’s Blues Cafe….one f the reasons Margaret chose this for our stopover.  Unfortunately we found out it’s shut Monday and Tuesday, but as luck has it, owner Jan is loading in some beer and takes us in for a look round and we have a chat. He generally only books bands – only rarely solo performers – but hopefully we’ll get something sorted on a future trip.

We check into the hotel and chill for a while. I get some more work done and mess with some iPhone video clips on the iPad then we go downstairs and have dinner outside in front of the hotel.

I normally avoid hotel restaurants like the plague,  but the menu looks good, well-priced and a nice environment, so we give it a try. And we’re not disappointed. It’s great! 

After a wee wander around we retire to the room, open a bottle of red and watch another couple of episodes of Goliath. Seems a little sad, but we’ve had a nice meal out, enjoyed a couple of walks round the town…and we’re skint…so we have to hit a balance.

I mess with the video on the iPad a little more and de ice to try and do three vlogs covering the trip…so hopefully we’ll get ‘part one’ (Monday to Wednesday) finished and uploaded on Thursday. Watch this space!