I get the first episode of the so I can embed it here…click above to watch!

BY the time we’re up Krista has gone to work and Jonathan is off to school.

We get showered and tidied up then Henk makes breakfast and we sit round the table and chat while we eat and drink coffee.

Sun’s shining outside…already looking like another scorcher…and we go for a wander round the town before we hit the road.

Next show is tomorrow (Saturday). It’s in Geldern, Germany – but close to the Dutch border – and Margaret’s booked a hotel just outside Groesbeek which leaves only an hour or so to drive to the festival in the morn8ng.

We’re getting hungry en route, but keep missing the better service stations. Then we get stuck in a monster traffic jam for an hour in the blistering heat before stopping at a McDonalds for some grub. Luckily they’re a lot better here than in the UK.

The hotel room is more like a small apartment, so we have bought some food to make dinner ourselves.

While Margaret cooks, I get some work done and upload the first part of the video blog to YouTube so I can embed it on my blog and it’s available to non-Facebook users.

We chill and watch some moves with a bottle (or two!) of red…