Lunch with Krista on the canal…

KRISTA and Henk are away to work by the the time we’re up and hit the shower.

We drink coffee and I get some work done on my pal Rab’s website and catch up on some other stuff.

Meantime, Margaret downloads a load of stuff from Netflix to watch offline on the iPad on the boat. The wi-fi on board is expensive, especially if you want to stream a film or anything like that.

Krista finishes work at midday today, so when she gets home we go for a wander and take her to a local place on the canal side for lunch.

Back at the house we’re finishing packing the car when Henk arrives. Just in time to say cheerio.

It’s less than an hour’s drive to the ferry but we need to stop and get some supplies for the trip…something for dinner, beer, wine and breakfast food.

Soon we’re aboard the boat, plugging in our coolbox and unpacking some other stuff in the cabin.

We go up to the bar in the top deck to sit outside and I start editing some video together for the third and final part of t(e tour video blog which I hope to complete and upload sometime tomorrow.

I’m nipping back to the cabin to pick up some stuff when I head someone shouting “Dave”…I turn round and see our pals Alastair and Yolanda! They’ve been on a two-week cycling trip in German6 and the Netherlands.

When I get back we join them for a couple of drinks then then head back to our cabin…I’ve got some work to do, then we have some dinner out of our coolbox stash, open a bottle of red and watch the downloaded stuff form Netflix….