The third and final part of the Euro tour VLOG…

I’M feeling a bit rough when I wake up in the top bunk…not, for once, through alcohol…just a restless night with the boat rolling about a bit.

I go and pick up a couple of coffees and we have breakfast in the cabin then make our way to the car deck. 

Seems to take an age to disembark and get through border control then finally we’re on our way. We wanna get to Catriona’s before 2pm so Margaret can go with her for Freya’s first inoculations.

A brief stop at a McDonalds for a snack and we’re back on our way and make good time, getting to Catriona’s just after 1.30pm.

Catriona, Margaret and Freya go to the doctor’s and I upload the third and final part of the tour video blog. See it here…or above. We didn’t take any video or other camera gear and made these VLOGs on my iPhone and did all the editing, voice-over recording on the iPad…the result is a bit rustic, but I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out and the workflow. Wish I’d taken the wee iOS lav mic tor record the voice over tho’ as that’s the weakest part for me production-wise.

It’s nearly 4pm when we leave and stop off for some shopping on the way home.

The usual homecoming ritual of unloading, unpacking, checking phone messages, dealing with the mail and stuff is dealt with. I pull some weeds up in the garden and tidy up outside a bit..the flowers and fruit bushes are all in good health thanks to Betty and Joe who’ve been stopping by to water them during the hot weather. There’s some strawberries ready for picking so we pull enough for tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

After dinner I make up some thank you cards to send to the bookers/promoters who’ve helped us out using the Felt app on the iPad…it’s a neat way of sending custom, handwritten physical cards…check it out!

There’s a load of strawberries ready for picking!