I’M tired, but feeling OK…it’s Margaret that’s got the hangover this time!

We get packed up an head out into Helensburgh for breakfast, finding a wee place called PJ’s Kitchen. Expensive, but good.

There’s some shopping to be done then we make for home.

Margaret watched the tennis then comes across to the studio to help me record a version of Good Friend Blues for the drone-shot video footage from the Netherlands. Although a couple of the takes had audio, the quality was pretty poor and there weird fluctuations in level and some drop outs.

I listed to the audio from one of the takes and try and play/record the song as closely as possible.

We take a wander along to Betty and Joe’s…Kirsty and Laurie are over from LA and it’s nice to see them and enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

Back home, I make a green curry and we relax in front of the telly. A quiet night for us.