I manage to pull together a video of Good Friend Blues from the footage shot by Micha in the Netherlands last week…

AFTER a late breakfast I get busy with some web stuff for a music client – they need a few things done, including some new music uploads and off-line design work.

It’s a nice day again and the fruit bushes and plants in the garden need watered then I tackle the video edit for Good Friend Blues using the footage shot by Micha in the Netherlands and the re-recorded audio.

Normally I would lip/finger-sync to a pre-recorded version of a song for a video, but as it was an unplanned shoot, I played the song for each take. And of course there’s variances in my playing in the two ‘static shots’ …and the drone footage has no sound.

I use the one of the static shots as the master scene as that’s the one I used as a reference when re-recording the song in the studio yesterday, but it;s quite a tricky job putting it all together.

We’re off to Martyn and Louise’s for dinner, but first need to clear some rubble and a demolished road sign from Betty and Joe’s driveway so they can get their car out. I start the video uploading to my YouTube channel then we head out.

Kirsty and Laurie are with Betty and Joe…and we have a fantastic meal and night of chat at Martyn and Louise’s then it;s taxis back home. I’ll walk along and pick up the car tomorrow….