OOPS…slept in. It’s after 9am when I get in the shower and there’s loads to do today.

First job is news releases for the Upton Blues Festival which is now less than two weeks away, Once the release is written I need to research local/regional media as I haven’t played there in a while and my media database is most likely out of date.

With so many newspapers closures, takeovers and mergers it’s a bit of a task…and that’s before I tackle radio and online/blogs.

I have some invoicing to do and some meetings to be set up then I look into some stuff for an interesting local multimedia project.

Sometime after 5pm I finally get out for a walk in the sunshine and catch up on some music marketing and sync podcasts.

When  I get home there’s some plans to be laid for the rest of the week then we have dinner and an early night.