WILL and his sister’s family are going out for a walk near us and Catriona’s bringing Freya to us…so we’re up smart-ish and Catriona joins us for breakfast.

I’d have liked to have gone with Will, but way too much work to catch up on. First job is posting the Good Friend Blues video around a bit.

Next, I start to plan the week ahead’s work, tidying up the diary and setting up a MusicPlus mentoring session which I hope to do on Tuesday.

There’s a series of local drop-in sessions this week about community council governance and possible changes to community council boundaries, so I do a wee piece of the G63.scot webzine and also get some info out on the local community trust website and social media.

Margaret goes a wee walk with Catriona and Freya and I head in the opposite direction to pick up the car which gives me some much-needed exercise.

Back home I get the smoker ready for tonight’s pork loin.

Will, Carolyn, Steve and the boys arrive back and hang out for a wee while before heading off…we carry on with some work. The pork’s unlikely to be ready ’til at least 9pm.

It’s more like 10pm when we sit down to eat, buy which time we’re knackered, so I shut up the office and we watch a couple of episodes in the second series of Goliath on Amazon Prime….