I’ll be doing a Facebook livestream on Loch Lomond Live’s Facebook page on Tuesday 17 June at 7pm…click the pic to visit their page…

MY desk is disappearing under mountains of stuff..receipts, paperwork and stuff to be files away. There’s been so much to get through I’m not getting a chance to clear up.

The first of two acoustic guitar cases arrives form Reunion Blues. The steel-bodied guitar fits perfectly…another (the same) seems to be stuck in transit and may not be here ’til tomorrow. There’s no urgency, though – and I’m really pleased with these cases. Even more pleased to have an endorsement deal with the company making them 🙂 🙂

The only downside is that I’ll miss the character of my sticker-laden Carlton cases which really look the part…but better protection and easier transportability has to be priority. All I need now is a banjo case and we’ll be fully protected by Reunion Blues…but we’ll wait ’til we’re in the USA and pick it up there. The banjo I use in the ‘States is in a crappy canvas gig bag offering no protection.

I make up some luggage labels – not just for labelling…I make them different colours so we can easily tell which instrument is in which case,’cos they all look the same now!

I set up a Facebook event for Tuesday’s (7pm) #tuesdayvtakeover livestream I’ll be doing on the Loch Lomond Live Facebook page and get some online promo going. Keen for that to reach as many folks as possible so we can benefit from each other’s audience. Yesterday’s #tuesdaytakeover by our pals Have Mercy Las Vegas was excellent and they’ve set the bar high!

There’s a funding application in for a feasibility study for the local broadband project I’m driving. It’s an in-depth affair and takes me a good couple of hours to complete and return.

I also need to deal with all the licencing stuff to get my music onto USA jukeboxes but run out of time before we go to a drop-in meeting at the village hall…and once we;re done there, we’re treated to dinner by friends at the local pub.