MARGARET’S off to Stirling early doors and picking Catriona and Freya up en route.

Amongst other things she needs to pick up a mincer from Lakeland. A ‘click and collect’ to replace the earlier order that I forgot to pick up in Glasgow yesterday.

Once I get some stuff int he office up to date I make a batch of black bean soup and prepare some of the ingredients for tonight’s Asian chicken burgers….the rest has to wait for the mincer so I can to prepare the chicken!

That’s just a co-incidence, though – the mincer and sausage attachment is for later use in what will be my first attempt to make Andouille sausage. That’s for another day 😉

There’s some research to be done on sound for my Facebook livestreams. The wee lav mic is good, but I wanna be able to plug a shotgun mic into my iPhone….dedicated iOS mics are expensive and I already have very good mics…so I really just need an interface, I find one online and stump up the 30 quid…hopefully it’s a workable solution.

More stuff to be done in the office then I head out for a walk. I’m not long back when Margaret arrives home and I accompany her on a ‘couch to 5k’ outing before testing the mincer and making the chicken burgers. 

They go on the kamado grill outside and are a success – although I would prefer them to have a bit more ‘bite’.