Red squirrel alert! Margaret catches the wee raider in action…

PRIORITY job this morning is a bunch of web stuff relating to my pal Rab’s new album release – we plan on everything going live at midday.

In between times a guy shows up to buy an old Behringer Shark feedback killer – a ‘swiss army knife’ kinda tool for the soundman’s bag that can also provide phantom power and has a bunch of other useful sound processing features. It’s been on sale on Facebook marketplace for a few months and I got an enquiry out the blue last month.

The unit was part of a studio clearout to help pay for my Fractal Systems AX-8 – it;d been lying in a cupboard unused for about ten years.

The buyer comes, we have  blether, I get some dosh and off he goes…and I get on with Rab’s web/online stuff..

Mikey’s been camping with his pals Dougie and Stevie and they’re stopping by for lunch. Margaret’s made mac’n’cheese and brownies and we eat outside in the unexpected sunshine. They all want showers then go for a walk up the lochside, mysteriously taking a big bag of charcoal man some other bags..they’ve just eaten and they’re only meant to be going for a quick 1/2-hour walk before dropping in to see Catriona and Freya on their way back to Dundee.

We do a quick livestream from the garden to test the iRig PRE that let’s me connect a ‘proper’ mic to the iPhone/iPad – I wanna dummy run before Tuesday’s livestream via the Loch Lomond Live Facebook page and this is also a good way to trail the event. Just as well, ‘cos I set the gain too high and there’s a bit of distortion ion the livestream.

They’re still not back when Betty and Joe stop in for a coffee and a subsequent drink to celebrate a n email form the lawyers in New York saying my visa petition has been successful. Still a long way to go – and I still need to get through the interview at the US Embassy in London…I’ll need to get that scheduled ASAP.

Betty and Joe head off and I get into the kitchen and prepare a pork butt with some of my ‘Memphis dust’ rub ready to go in the smoker at 5am.

They guy’s finally get back sometime after 6pm (they were meant to be at Catriona’s at 5pm!) and head off. 

I’m getting dinner ready when Margaret calls me – red squirrel alert! She takes some snaps and a wee bit of video 🙂

We watch some of the tennis on the telly while we eat dinner and then a film – Two Weeks’ Notice – before crashing…I’m up at 5am to get the smoker going…