A 5am start for the pulled pork…but it’s worth it 🙂

I’M UP at 5am getting the smoker fired up and the pork butt on for tonight’s guests.

Usually it takes 12-14 hours, but I haven’t done one in the kamado yet so don;t know if it’ll take longer, the same. Better plays safe,

 not long finished breakfast when Catriona and Freya arrive.

They go with Margaret on her ‘couch to 5k’ run. Meantime, I’ve got some work to finish off then I make some pizza dough for tomorrow (Sunday) night and I look out all the stuff for my Andouille  (and-do-ee!) sausage…but I can’t find the chilli powder…

When Margaret and Catriona come back, Margaret reckons we’ve run out. There’s some other stuff we forgot to get with the shopping during the week so I drive to Alexandria and pick up some stuff.

Catriona and Freya head off not long after I get back and I start preparing the Andouille..there’s a lot of herb, spices and other speciality ingredients. We get the cubed pork shoulder mixed with all the other ingredients, left in the fridge for an hour then put the lot through the mincer. It goes in the fridge ’til tomorrow then I put the hog sausage skins in water to soak overnight.

By this time the pork butt’s ready to come off the smoker and we get everything ready for dinner. 

Betty, Joe, Barbara and Thorsten arrive just after 7.30pm and we have a grand night of food, drink and catching up…