Part of the Andouille sausage making process…sausages stuffed, drying in front of a fan, smoking for four hours at 120-140 Fahrenheit then in front of the fan for another hour…

A BIT of a slow start after last night’s over-indulgence.

After breakfast I feel a bit better and we prepare to stuff the Andouille sausage. It goes better than I expect, although I split the skin on one of them in my eagerness to twist the links. I fix it up then take more care and then rig the sausage up in front of a fan  to dry for an hour before they go on the smoker.

The Andouille needs to be smoked for three to four hours at a very low temperature – it’s quite difficult to keep the kamado low without snuffing out the fire!!!

In the office I get busy with some artwork and Margaret goes to pick up Spanish Alison from the train station.

I can’t make the pizzas until the sausage is done, so it’s after 9pm buy the time the Andouille is out the smoker, sprayed with cold water and hung in front of the fan again…it’s to be there for an hour before being transferred to the fridge, then it can be used/eaten tomorrow.

The pizzas go well and we sit and drink and chat ’til the wee hours.