Red beans and rice – using the home-made Andouille sausage. Success!

AFTER breakfast I help Spanish Alison sort out some phone issues with Apple and we set up a ‘Genius phone call’ for later when she gets home.

With the launch of IGTV (Instagram TV) I’ve been keen to try it out. It uses ‘vertical video’ so editing something together is a bit of a challenge,,,I’ve decided on a lyric video for Whisky Trail and finish it off then upload. 

It works quite well 🙂

There’s set lists to be made up for Saturday’s main stage show at Upton Blues Festival..and I also have to contact some folks in London to set up a visa interview at the US Embassy.

Once all that’s out the way I start work on some poster art for the local community trust’s forthcoming fun day. They have a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, so I want them to have an idea so things can get rolling.

I’ve got a Facebook livestream via Loch Lomond Live tomorrow and I wanna test the mic interface we tried on Friday…the levels were too high and the result distorted, so keen to try the new setting. We do a livestream on my page to test and it’s better…but too quiet this time. Glad we’ve had the chance(s) to sort before the main livestream tomorrow.

In the studio I set up my gear and tweak some patches on the Fractal Systems AX8…it’s working well, but there are a few wee things I wanna change.

Also, I’m not convinced of the Line 6 wireless…nothing wrong with the way it works, but two of my four instruments – the National resonators – need an adaptor for the transmitter to work and it’s a bit of a fanny dance. And it won’t work with my wee Collings acoustic.

I decide to try going back to using a cable. I go online to source what i want. Of course none of the shops sell anything that meets my needs (quality cable, right-angle jacks with one of them being ‘silent’). I find some on Amazon but next day delivery seems to be Thursday, even though this is only Monday…we’ll be away on Tuesday, so i need it Wednesday latest. I research the maker – Designacable – and put a note in the diary to call them first thing in the morning,

I’m desperate to try the Andouille sausage, so I make red beans and rice with it – the cajun stable turns out great. We both like it.

After eating, I’m back in the office and get the draft poster art finished for comment/approval at tomorrow’s meeting…