FIRST job is to order a guitar cable – I call Designacable and Matt reckons they can get the cable I want made up and with me tomorrow…in time for Upton Blues Festival. Nice one.

There’s some internet connectivity stuff to be set up which takes me a while. I’m just finishing up when Betty comes in for a coffee and a catch up.

It’s nearly lunchtime when I go with Margaret on her couch to 5k run..she’s up to week two on the revisited schedule and her knee’s holding up pretty well other thana a few twinges. She’s determined to do this.

After lunch I tackle one of the longer forms required to set up my visa interview at the US Embassy in London. Keen to get that done ASAP and, if all goes OK, I can start filling in some of the October tour gaps and plan ahead.

I need a photo too, but there’s not much time before this evening #tuesdaytakeover livestream on Loch Lomond Live‘s Facebook page. I manage to get the studio cleared up and re-set for photos, but run out of time. I’ll do them tomorrow…by which time Ill have had a much-needed haircut!

The livestream, by all accounts, goes well then we have a quick bite to eat before going to Betty and Joe’s for a  community trust meeting about a family fun day to be held in September. I present my poster art which everyone is happy with and outline my communications plan to promote the event.

We’re home soon after 10pm and watch the first in a new series about Scottish pop music – Rip it Up! – produced and directed by our pal Mags. I enjoy it, but I’m annoyed that it features the same old, same old acts…while we can’t changewhat’s been – and wouldn’t want to – I’m irked by the narrow view and obvious part played by gatekeepers like the BBC. Luckily things are changing for the better and the role of these gatekeepers is diminishing…