ONCE the usual tasks are out the way I get busy with some stuff for the local community trust fun day.

There’s a couple of minor changes to the artwork, a print quote to be sorted and an outline media plan to be circulated to the trustees for approval.

On the subject of posters, i also need to do poster and flyer art for some of the Scottish shows in November.

I call my pal Lee to see if he fancies opening up the Edinburgh show…he does. Great news. We have a long catch up on the phone then I continue with artwork.

There’s also some web stuff to be sorted for a music client. It needs some external intervention, so I get the ball rolling.

Our neighbour Willie comes to see if he can sort a problem with the office door which won’t close, let alone lock. He fixes it in a jiffy. Amazing 🙂

There’s two stories to be posted on the G63.scot webzine and shunted round relevant social media, so I get that don then head to the studio I have a few patches top tweak on the AX8, then I start packing gear for an early getaway in the morning. We plan to leave by 6am…oooofft…