I’M up early, get some work done and then hit Glasgow before 9am to drop the car off at the garage in Maryhill for its MoT .

There was not time for breakfast, so I walk over to Piece at Finnieston and have a slice of toasted bloomer with avocado, egg, chorizo and sriracha…and a coffee. it;s pretty damn good 🙂

I’ve still an hour before my haircut appointment at the Soul Barber Room along the road so I nip into Currys for a look round then walk back to the barber.

Haircut done, I walk into town to sort some bits and bobs put then make my way back towards Charing Cross, stopping in at Taco Bell for a burrito. Not great, but not bad either…especially considering the low price.

I’m just finished when the garage folks call to say the car’s ready. No major problems, thankfully,  but I do also have to pay for last month’s radiator grill repair.

I stop for some shopping, pick up some ice creams and head home. Catriona and Freya are there which is nice. We sit in the garden and eat our ice creams then she heads off and I get busy with some work.

It’s after 8pm when i realise we should be thinking about dinner. I go inside and make some sweet potato fries in the air fryer which we have with the remains of the pulled pork and coleslaw. We relax a while then have an early night.