The happy camper 😉

I WAKE up just before 8am in a lather…it’s sweltering in the tent and despite feeling just a little hungover, I have no option but to get up.

After pulling on my jeans I stagger to the toilet block, do the needful and wash my face with liberal amounts of cold water. Aaaahhhh…that’s better!

Margaret’s up when I get back to the tent and  we have a coupla mugs of coffee to get going. 

I get my blog done and attend to some emails then we start tidying up and packing our stuff.

We park backstage at the Big Top then walk into town for some breakfast. The place we choose is nice, but all the orders get messed up…Margaret is brought a ‘big’ breakfast despite odering a ‘small’ – and my roll and sausgae comes with bacon and egg in it too. Oh, and the specifically requested ‘no butter on the roll’? Well, the roll come slathered in the stuff.

Nevermind, it all tastes good and we’re soon on our way back to the Big Top watch our pal Trevor. He plays a blinder then we hit the road. It’s a long, hot drive home and after stopping in Glasgow for some shopping we roll up home sometime after 9pm. Exhausted. But fun.

We watch our pal Trevor rip it up before hitting the road home