An enjoyable couple of hour’s guesting on Tony Mack’s show on Celtic Music Radio

I GET some work done while Margaret plans out our meals for the next few days….and a shopping list for our trip into Glasgow later.

I wanna make red beans and rice with the Andouille sausage again, but we were missing the tasso ham last time – an important Louisiana ingredient. I check the recipe and give Margaret a note of the extra stuff we need before I can kick off the four-day process to make it.

We’re out of onion powder and garlic powder, both of which are hard to find in the supermarket. Usually have to make do with ‘granules’ rather than powder and we go through a lot of it. I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and find organic versions of both on Amazon.

After lunch we pack the car and hit Glasgow – I ‘m on Tony Mack’s show on Celtic Music Radio from 4-6pm – the whole show – so Margaret drops me off at 3.30pm and goes for the shopping.

The show goes well and I play loads of live songs interspersed with tracks from the Live at Memorial Hall album, my recent Whisky Trail single and lots of chat over the two hours. You can listen back to the first hour here  and the second hour here.

Back home I finalise poster and flyer artwork for a local fun day and get it all off to the printer with instructions. While I do that, Margaret makes dinner.

It’s after 9.30pm when we finish eating and wander along to see Betty and Joe where we have a few glasses of red and a catch up…,