How to use Spotify codes…try it on my code below…

ONE of the hobs on our induction range cooker has been playing up for a while and it;s generally been a bit flaky recently…this morning when

Try my Spotify code – use the camera in your Spotify app’s search tab to scan the code đŸ™‚

Margaret goes to make the porridge it’s totally goosed…so it’s out with the camping stove.

Margaret finds a reasonably local repair company and arranges a call out and I spend the morning gathering facts, figures and some options for a local community project and arrange a meeting for tomorrow morning to discuss it all.

We’ve been trying to use Spotify codes to build my listenership on the platform, but I’m not so sure folks know what they are or how to use them. Maybe a Facebook livestream introducing the idea and showing how they work would be good…so we set up and do a quick Livestream which I then share round my social media and upload to IGTV (Instagram TV), YouTube etc too.

Next job it fix the two broken fence rails on our deck. I cut the ‘two-bie’ to length then remove the old/broken rails while Margaret paints the new wood.

I go for a walk up the loch-sdie while it’s drying then fix ’em on when I get back..the rest of the rails look grubby and tired by comparison, but at least it’s not bust anymore.

After dinner I do some work with a licencing deal to get my music in jukeboxes across the USA…the amount of confusing paperwork and other stuff is a pain, but I get the ball rolling…

Margaret paints the replacement fence rails for the deck….