Salt and pepper tofu in the garden…not a bad effort using the camp stove!

I CLEAR the decks before going to a meeting about a wee community project I’m working on with some local pals.

We discuss it over coffee, narrow down some options then I go back home.

The garlic powder I ordered online arrived, so  can make the cure mix for my tasso ham – an ingredient missing from my first attempt at red beans and rice last week. It should include the Andouille sausage and some of this Louisiana ham.

I coat two pork tenderloins in the mix and seal in ziplock bags with as much air expelled as possible. They stay in the fridge for three full days then need to go in front of a fan for an hour or two before going on the smoker. That’ll be a job for Saturday morning.

The cooker man was out this morning and it seems we need a new ‘control unit’…we’ve to call after 11am tomorrow to find out the cost. Quite why he can’t phone his office and ask on the spot I don’t know…the more farting about, the longer we go without our hob.

Outside, I make salt and pepper tofu on the camp stove. Mmmmmm…

After lunch I spend a couple of hours putting together costs/budget and a proper plan for the community project while Margaret searches out a new coffee machine. Our second Nespresso machine has started to leak – I really liked the Senseo machines we used in France. The coffee pads are much cheaper than even ‘compatible’ Nespresso pods and being biodegradable much more environmentally friendly. I love the Nespresso machine and it’s coffee but am sick of the machines fucking up.

We’ve been invited along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner…we have a lovely few hours, great fajitas and far too much red wine. Back home we should go straight to bed but instead watch the second episode in the BBC’s Rip It Up! series about Scottish pop music. While I enjoy the thing in it’s own right, my rant from last week following the first episode still stands!