Weather’s not looking good so we get the gazebo up beside the smoker shelter…just in time!

THE pork loins have been curing int he fridge for three days and now need to be put in front of a fan hour before going in the smoker in the next steps of making tasso ham.

I set up the fan then accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k run.

Back at the house we have breakfast then I do some work on scripts for the local community project. All will be revealed soon!

Then it’s time to start preparing for the kids coming. We’ve made burgers and planned a cookout, but  there’s heavy rain showers forecast so we get the gazebo up and create a weatherproof dining area beside the smoker shelter. We’ve just got it all set up when there’s a monsoon-like downpour. Phew!

Margaret’s pleased to see Freya 🙂

Catriona and Freya are first to arrive with Mikey close behind. We’re a while away form eating, so Mikey goes a walk, Matty rolls up and we sit outside chatting.

Meantime, the pork loin – soon to be tasso ham – is gently smoking away…once it;s ready I let it rest for 10/15-minutes then zip ’em in airlock bags ready for tomorrow’s dinner.

Soon it’s beer o’clock and we spark up the grill, sit round the table and eat our fill.

When it gets a bit chilly we regroup indoors and chat the night away.